1. billy-forsetti:

    why is it that when dylan sprouse and calum hood had nudes leaked everyone praised how well they handled it and attacked those who leaked them, but when over 50 female celebrities have nudes leaked, the hacker responsible is called a ‘hero’ and the victims are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’

    oh wait

    i know why

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  3. lancrebitch:


    parenting tip: talk to your kids about mental illness. tell them they might have a hard time. tell them they can ask for therapy and medication. tell them they aren’t alone. tell them if your family has a history of mental illnesses and which ones. just fucking talk to your kids and be there for them.

    Yes please please do this it could save a lot of suffering

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  5. lefayss:



    dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

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  6. hawkgirl-in-the-impala:


    "Those poor boys"


    "She deserves to be punished too."


    "I’m not saying I support rape, but-"


    "Sorry to say - she deserved it."


    "She put herself in harm’s way"


    "But if she was fingered, then that’s not rape."


    "She ruined their lives."


    "Well she didn’t exactly say ‘no’.."


    "Yea, but did you see what she was wearing?"


    "Boys will be boys!"


    "She should know better than to drink at a party…"


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  7. fat women: *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*

    skinny women: *praised by literally everyone*

    skinny women: *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*

    Nicki: fuck skinny bitches

    skinny women: what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111

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  8. I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot, and if I need to I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.
    Actual quote from Ferguson “law enforcement” officer and 35-year police veteran, Dan Page. But hey, let’s keep focusing on all those unreasonable “looters and rioters” (via staininyourbrain)

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  9. skeletongrazed:


    what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

    one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

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  10. definitionofdisney:


The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]

this is amazing!



    The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]

    this is amazing!

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  11. moppsi:

    so do NOT tell me women have it fucking easy until you are instantly and instinctively afraid of every strange man that ever approaches you

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  12. thetwoteddybeardoctors:

    "You shouldn’t be worried about equality, women can vote!" Ah yes now I can choose which straight white man can oppress me what a time to be alive

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  14. bryonasaurusrex:

    I haven’t seen JL nudes and that means I’m following the right people.

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